On this website you will find assignments, documents, and more. I will be posting weekly updates on the "Assignments" subpage of each subject. Quizzes, tests and other graded work will be on the eClass page for my classes.

Want me to check a grade? You can email me anytime, I check it a LOT. However, the best is to have me sit down, with my laptop, and change it on the spot.

For those who don't know me well, I can sometimes be hard to find. This year, I have been given the chance to help all of the schools in the Lanier cluster with project-based learning, so I usually won't be at Lanier after 11, as I will be in other schools. Want extra help? Before school is the best time!

Also, check out the Challenges link in the main menu, which lists contests that would be great for you, your resume, and maybe even your wallet!!

I welcome parents with interests in technology and engineering to get involved, this is a community effort!

Go Longhorns!!