P6 - Algebra 2

I return to Math!!  Really, I'm looking forward to working with the CDAT Int. Algebra 2 students, as Math is one of my favorite subjects and a certification of mine!

We will be aiming at very efficient learning:  students and I will work together to learn as efficiently as possible, having them participate as they need.  This allows those students who "get" math easier to enjoy more math, and those who need more assistance can receive more help in a smaller group.  The key to this method is the students staying on track, previewing material instead of listening to a lecture and then doing problems at home.  We're "flipping" this:  students will be listening/reading/seeing at home, making notes or questions, then we do practice at school until they demonstrate mastery.

A syllabus and general timeline are attached at the bottom of this page.

At the start of the year, be sure to register with me as your teacher on Khan Academy, using your CDAT email account.  See this link for directions on how to do that:
Maybe x doesn't want to be found.
Ever think of that?
Have you ever stopped to ask x what x wants?
This relentless pursuit can be confining, choking.
If you love someone, set them free, if they return, it was meant to be.
Even for x.
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