Culpepper Out


Culpepper is out helping Southern Georgia fix itself with the military, so let's give him a show of thanks by working hard!


CSP  - follow these links to learn how to "build" a tower.  Consider how you might build an additional feature, other than walls, like a door or stairs.

See the bottom for a link to the basics of tower building sample code:  

Here's your assignment to be written in pseudocode:

You'll receive a grade on writing the following program...

Create a program that will build a tower at least 8 blocks high with a length of width of 3 blocks
- Your turtle must build the tower entirely on it's own with no help from you.
- You will earn a 50 for doing the above.
If you want more than a 50, add the following...
o Use more than 64 blocks in the construction (+15)

o Have a multi-block pattern (+10 for 2 different types, +15 for 2 different types)

o Add stairs for climbing up to the top (+20)

o Something else "cool" (+X)

You can do as many of these as you want. Score maxes out at 100.

IDT -  many of you might be making a game.  Some may not, but it's good to learn stuff!  Follow this link, and try either the Animation or the Game series.  Videos should not be blocked, but if they are, the "Materials" link should offer PDF versions of all instruction.  You should be able to finish either Animation or Games today.  Save it to show him on Thursday.
Michael Reilly,
Oct 11, 2016, 4:44 AM