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Assignments will be posted here on a weekly basis.  We will also use eClass for online assessments.  

Week of August 7

posted Jul 25, 2017, 7:43 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Aug 5, 2017, 5:02 AM ]

Welcome back! Who knows what the first day will hold, but this is my intent for the first week:

  • Get to know you, to know yourselves, and the point of this course. 
  • Get familiar with the type of robot you will be building, and COMPETING with!
  • Jump into learning Autodesk Inventor software to learn more about design.

Monday - We will review Work Styles, for both positive and negative, and then play together to see if they might be accurate. See the Work Style inventory below. Try to pick the one that MOST accurately describes YOU. None will be perfect, but one should be closest. Here is the document: https://evans.uw.edu/sites/default/files/public/Leadership-compass-self-assessment.pdf

Tues/Wed - We will continue from Monday on critical thinking and teamwork using the Toyota Kata system, it should be fun, and we'll see how your personal "work style" fits in.  

If we have time, here's where we're going:  Most robots are built from the same core items: motors, wheels, some type of frame, a computer, maybe sensors and controllers, and other parts. This week you will get to know the "kit of parts", those parts that are central to all FRC robots. We will have a finished robot on hand to look at, but also a pile of parts for you to pseudo-assemble. What does each part do? What does it connect with? We want your hands on these parts so we can talk design later on, with better background knowledge.  

Thurs/Fri - We might spend more time reviewing the Kit of Parts, and their function. Then, we will move onto designing. We have a very specific, genuine problem to solve, and we're going to start designing for it! We will start designing with sketching, so don't be shy about your drawing skills!   We're going to design something MAGICAL!!  Then, it's on to 3D.

This relates to the AKS group, that we will constantly come back to: TEH8.F.6: employ critical thinking skills and teamwork skills when working in groups to solve problems, to make decisions, achieve group goals and use team members' talents effectively

Also, be ready for a quiz on the kit of parts (KOP) next class!  Know which part performs which function.

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