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Week 1 - Aug. 8

posted Aug 5, 2016, 2:37 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Aug 12, 2016, 2:45 AM ]
Welcome, especially to our 9th grade students!!!

Intro to Digital Tech (IDT) is all about learning new things, and that includes learning about yourself.  This first week or so we will be helping you get started on your Google Apps accounts, and some other things.

August 10th:
First, we have to go take the SPG test in room 302.  So, come to our room (729) first, then we will go to 302 together.  We will then head back up to the room, and get started on this other stuff!

Take the Multiple Intelligences Quiz and learn about your style of learning.  After you take the quiz, you'll see a screen like the one below.  Click on the blue words to read more about what the type means, and how you can "learn how you learn".  If you forget to click on your type, and want to read more about your types, click here for the descriptions.  You should understand a bit more about how your learning style works, and how you can maximize how to use your strengths.

You also be  learning about  your work styles.  The link is below, but we'll probably hand these out.  Find out which style you are, and the strengths and drawbacks of your style.  You might not fit one exactly, but try to focus on the best one.

After the quizzes, we will discuss what the general styles are, so who is which one, and talk about the strengths and weaknesses of each.

If we have time, we'll get into the Google Docs.  Tools we are going to use a lot:  Google Docs, Sites, Forms

Here are the instructions to get started.  These instructions should be followed EXACTLY, so be careful.  If you do it right, you get 100 on your first assignment.  If you do it wrong at all, you get nothing until it's right.

And finally, if time allows, we will go into a bit about organizing your files, folders, and more.  The more organized your files, the better your results.  Sloppy files make sloppy final products.  Take your time, do it right!

August 12th:
Assuming we finish all of that other stuff we were going to do, let's talk about your projects.  You have some time in this class to work on them.  Do you have to type up rules, or make a poster?  What about designing your game in more detail?

Today we will start with some Adobe Photoshop CC.  This will help you with creating basic graphics that you might need for projects, papers, websites, and more.  We'll just learn the basics for now, maybe more later. - Start with the "Learning Essentials" and if time allows we will do the "Getting Started".

Work with one other person to create the tutorials.  Be sure to organize your files, which we will cover!

If the videos or downloads don't work on that link, here are two shared Google Drive folders to download the videos and stuff:

You probably won't have time today, but next class you will need to create your own poster, here's that assignment.