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Week 2 - Aug. 15-19

posted Aug 14, 2016, 2:07 PM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Mar 3, 2017, 2:28 AM ]
Here we go again, week 2 of the year!

Last week we did Google Apps including Mail, Docs, Forms and Sites very quickly.  You'll learn more as we go, but for now you know what they are and how to get there.  You also did some Photoshop, which will be very helpful as we do more projects.

This week we will finish up Photoshop basics by YOU using the same techniques in "Learning Essentials" in your OWN design.  Then, we move on to the basics of Premiere Pro, a great video editing tool!

Monday, Aug. 15
We have to take the SPG, sorry.  After that, take a shot at the Photoshop Assignment.  And please sign up for my Google Classroom (trying something new here).  Then go to eClass. We are going to try and submit your Photoshop and other documents this way.

Wednesday, Aug. 17

First, a little experiment, you'll need any paper (scrap is fine), and something to draw with.  I'm going to ask all of you to independently draw something.

What is a storyboard?  It creates a shared vision, but also becomes a planning tool.  Check out this page from Disney:

Okay, fun twist.  Let's storyboard.  Check out this storyboard.  

We are going to finish the Photoshop Assignment, and submit it to my eClass page (link above).  

Then we get going on learning Premiere Pro.  This will be a paired assignment to learn the basics, then we will look at larger groups for another project.  By now, you might be seeing the pattern:  when we teach something, we have everyone do the same example, then you do your own version.  Pay attention to the basics of buttons, terms, etc., because those become a quiz!

First, we will talk about how to download, extract, and organize files.  The first video covers that, but I'll give you the live show, no extra charge.

Then we will talk about how to start a "sequence" with your footage, which is also the beginning of the second video.  After that, finish the tutorial as shown in the videos.

You do NOT have to do everything perfectly according to the videos, and you do NOT have to have this software at home (although you can get it free for 30 days).  It's just a matter of learning it well, not perfectly.

Later on, you will be making your OWN video, with your OWN footage!

Friday, Aug. 19
We will see where you're at with Premiere Pro, and go from there.  If editing is easy, we are going to talk about storyboarding and script before taking on your own movie.