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Week of 9/12

posted Sep 12, 2016, 3:55 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Sep 14, 2016, 5:03 AM ]
Monday I will be checking to see if you have a written plan/timeline for your project.  Some teams might have a shared Google Doc or Google Site, or you might have it linked on your portfolio.  No matter what, you should have access to, and be able to show me, your team's written plan as to how you're recording your movie.

You might even have footage to edit at this point!  If not, you should download things you need, called "assets" or "media".  Pictures, sounds, music, and more.  You can also make titles, credits, etc.

Since this is due by the end of next week, aim to be finished by Tuesday. Why?  You KNOW you will need to do last-minute stuff on Thursday.

In the meantime, if we are waiting on footage to be filmed, etc., we will start to code!  We will start with Scratch (  While it seems like it's for little kids, you can do amazing things with it!   Let's start with the Scratch starter cards:  and then make a Pong game

What you need to deliver:  one Scratch project that shows all of the Scratch cards, and when you're done with that, one Scratch project that is your version of Pong (customize it!)  Your Scratch card project is a quiz grade, and should cover all 12 Scratch cards.

I will be posting a movie rubric this week for the technical part, but remember it also needs to tell a story, and include all of those parts.

To share your movie, you can upload it to your Google Drive, and link it to your portfolio, even embed it.