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Week of 9/6

posted Sep 4, 2016, 1:36 PM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Sep 7, 2016, 12:47 PM ]
A shorter week, so plan wisely.  If you want to slack, do it AFTER getting your work done, not before.

You will take the Basic Quiz on Wednesday, on eClass.  

Then, we will review how a Storyboard should be done, and how it should be shared with your team members, and linked to your individual portfolios for review.  All students in this class need a portfolio, and all students are making a movie of some kind, whether it be CDAT related or not.

CDAT9 students are "telling a story", CDAT10 students are making a pitch video like  CDAT11 students might be using it for a capstone, but are not required.  Everyone else, make a good movie!  I suggest combining efforts in class, especially if you don't love movie making.

This week you should be filming, with a goal of finishing your filming next week, starting editing later next week, then finishing it all up the week after that.

Don't plan on too much filming during the school day, but it's possible.  Plan on it on your own time, and take class to make those arrangements, finalize scripts, locations, etc.

On Friday, be sure to add a Photoshop page on your portfolio, and add a description of what you asked to do, and your product.  Write as if you are talking to a complete stranger who does not know the class, not like you're talking to me.  Also, add an opinion or two:  what did you like about it, what was hard about it, things like that.  If you have even more time, add a Premiere Pro page to your portfolio and add the same.  You can upload an exported video to your Drive, and then insert it into your portfolio.  If that isn't easy for you, use the Snipping Tool, and insert a screenshot image, along with the descriptions like the Photoshop page.  These will be checked Sunday, as I lounge around watching football, eating junk, and grading stuff.
You will get 25% for the page existing, 25% for a good image, 25% for describing the assignment, 25% for your feedback on it, for a total of 100% for each page.

Friday you should have some type of footage to edit, and/or you can make titles, credits, import sounds or other audio to use as part of your movie too.  Be sure to have a list of where you got any pictures, sounds, etc., to put in the credits.  Good sound makes a huge difference!  A good site for effects is and also

I should see your folder of "stuff" that you gathered at the beginning of class next Monday.

On next Monday (9/12), I expect to see video footage that is being edited, and plans for recording the final footage.

CDAT students:  During Academy Time, you should prioritize planning with your team for the time between when you are currently meeting, and the next time you meet.  Be specific, use names, dates, times and write it all down.