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Week of Aug. 29

posted Aug 28, 2016, 2:55 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Sep 2, 2016, 5:14 AM ]
This should be a really fun week!

I won't be there Monday, but you will see me Wednesday.  However, on Monday, I would like you to see a new software, called Adobe After Effects.  This is used for special effects in movies, like the light sabers in Star Wars (no, they're not real), explosions, and other things.  They have a simple tutorial to walk you through how to create some basic effects, and give you source video to use.

On Wednesday, be ready to show me your results.  If, for some reason After Effects does not work (whenever I'm out, computers like to misbehave),  there are other options.  If you have something you REALLY want to try, I'm open to that.  Since you're now going to make your own movie (CDAT students for their project, everyone else will make one as well), there are plenty of techniques to learn.  

Here's a Photoshop animated GIF tutorial that could actually help make your movie:

Be ready to show me your AfterEffects OR your new Photoshop lesson on Wednesday.

Then, on Wednesday, we will also have a quiz on the basics of Google Apps, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro.  During class, and then Academy time, you will have established the basis of your movie project.   We will also talk about capturing good audio, video settings, and more.  Let's make some cool movies!

Friday you will have plenty to do, as your script/lyrics/story needs to get finalized, and you start making a plan to shoot your movie, maybe even starting this weekend!

Here's a link to our Storyboard template, and here's a link to an example of a script. I suggest opening the Storyboard and make a copy (choose File > make a copy from the menu), then share it with all teammates.

For me to see it, you should have a link to your Storyboard on YOUR portfolio.  Make a new portfolio page called "Project 1"