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Week of Feb. 13

posted Feb 12, 2017, 9:48 AM by Michael Reilly
This is delivery week, whether you are a CDAT project or not.  If you are a CDAT project, you will have NO time on Friday to work in Academy time.  Your plan should be to finish before that, and when I check Friday, you will say "We're done".  Then I'll say "Okay, let me see it."  Then you'll say "Okay".  Then you'll show me.  Then I'll say "You could improve it here, in this way".  Then you'll say "Oh yeah, we could, thanks!"  or you might say "We're happy enough with it", then I'll say "Don't be satisfied with mediocrity, be great!", then you'll be inspired, your life direction will change, and you will make the greatest project product ever!

Or none of this will happen, and you and I will both be sad because you didn't try so hard.  

Choose wisely.

Non-CDATs:  you have a project of  your choice, a lot of Earsketchers out there.  For Earsketchers, I mentioned at least 60-90 second music, with 4 new "methods" used.  I highly recommend using Random and Lists, very fun stuff.  And I would also like you to bring in an outside piece of audio, to do "sampling", from your voice or a song or two that you like.