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Week of Jan. 9

posted Jan 8, 2017, 8:06 AM by Michael Reilly
Okay, Snowmageddon didn't do much damage, welcome back!

We had a good day of checking out MIT App Inventor, and figured out some challenges you'll face since we're behind school firewalls.

You got to start "PaintPot", and we will let you finish it.  Here is a link to the YouTube videos, I downloaded them to an open Google Drive Folder.

After PaintPot, we will discuss some terms, as listed in their quiz here.

Then, it's on to MoleMash.  There are two mini exercises, one to create a button that adds to a score when clicked, and the other is a Timer that plays a Sound every second.  These will come together in AndroidMash.

I'm guessing we will finish these two this week, and maybe even get Pong done.  

Expect a terminology quiz at the end of the week, and these completed games as class grades.