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Engineering Apps

This class will be much more like a business or engineering team than a school class.  We may or may not use the page for Assignments, we will see how it goes.

The expectation:  you will "engineer" something in this class, from concept to refined reality.

You will be graded on how you address the Standards as listed in the Georgia document on the course home page.  We do need to do formative and summative assessments, but they will probably be very non-traditional (not many tests or quizzes).

Each student will be expected to have a journal of some kind, I recommend a blog, like that of Charles Guan (MIT, Battlebots):  http://www.etotheipiplusone.net/  This is a great format, because you can add pictures, links, etc., where a paper journal is a bit more challenging.

In addition, be ready to give mini-lectures on things you discover/accomplish.  Even small things, it's all learning!

We will review the AKS/Standards for the course, as you will get a grade for each Standard as you demonstrate it.  
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