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Week of Dec. 5

posted Dec 4, 2016, 2:09 PM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Dec 4, 2016, 2:09 PM ]
Tomorrow is your performance final on the FIRST robotics summaries, care of Simbotics.  If you need more info on electrical, here's a good page:

After that, look at FIRSTChoice, parts that we can get for free, but there are limits.  I think we should focus on items we can't find in the kit of parts, or computing components.  Here's the wish list:

If all goes well, we place an order on Tuesday, and find out what we get on Friday.

Then, we should shift to the general prep that some of you need to do.  We need programmers, Autodesk Inventor designers, and also areas of specialty to learn the subsystems in greater detail: drivetrain, electrical, pneumatic.

For our Autodesk people, you can download almost everything, so the first priority is learning about what they offer, and how to create assemblies of FRC parts.  When we can't connect two things, then it's time to "engineer" something!  Here's an example of the power distribution block for download:  http://www.andymark.com/cross-the-road-power-distribution-panel-p/am-2856.htm

If you want to see some cool stuff, check out the designs of some previous teams at https://grabcad.com/frc.designs-1/projects/public

Here's a page from Autodesk to support your work in Inventor:  http://www.autodesk.com/education/competitions-and-events/first/all-products

Software folks, we want to get a robot computer hooked up as soon as we can, with power, motors, etc.  We don't need a robot, we just need the brains and electricity so we can code stuff.  We can connect the motors to the robot later.   Search the web for resources.  If you'd like to program this in Java, you can!  Here's a great starting point for the hardware and software setup, as well as tutorials.  https://wpilib.screenstepslive.com/s/4485/m/13809

Mechanical folks:  let's focus on that closet.  Every hour we spend on organization now is an hour saved when time is tight!