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Week of Feb. 26

posted Feb 26, 2017, 3:50 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Feb 26, 2017, 3:50 AM ]
I will be out Monday and Tuesday, but no reason you can't accomplish something.

Period 1A - the robot NEEDS your ability to finish the BPU.  You don't need the robot to make this happen, you need to make this work.  I did buy some smaller hex shaft, so we can use the shaft made by the White Oak kids.  Some shaft has been sanded by Chris Copeland and Alston to fit the regular shaft, so use the 3/8 hex shaft on the others.  If we need to buy other parts, we can, but connect a motor to a shaft.  The goal is to make the BPU as something that can be quickly installed onto the robot.  A key is to be able to adjust the height, and I would focus on adjusting either the whole thing, or at least the whole roller set (not just the bottom roller).  I should see a demo when I return.  Done this week!

Period 2A - make another kitbot base.  It does NOT have to be the same size as the other robot, it needs to work.  We probably have all of the parts to make it, we don't need bumpers.  Split into teams of electronics and drivetrain, and make this on Monday and Tuesday.  If you work effectively, this is very possible.

The rest of the week:  We are allowed 6 hours to work on the robot starting Thursday.  We will work on it if we have a plan.  Let's make this happen!!  We play on 3/9!!