Feb. 8-12

posted Feb 6, 2016, 5:42 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Feb 12, 2016, 5:21 AM ]
It is time to choose.  That is, this week you will choose your elective class for next year.  If you'd like more engineering, which is more technical, and larger projects, then it's probably a good choice for you.  If you don't like Inventor, and you don't like doing projects that are even harder, you probably don't want engineering.  

If you are going to go to Maxwell or Dual Enrollment, sign up for classes here, then  we drop them later if you get in.

We will register for these classes this week, probably Wed and Thur, so you have time to think, ask questions, etc.

For THIS week, we need to see a sample/draft of your products.  Some movie scenes, some video game play, a crude but playable model of a game, whatever yours might be.  We will be looking at those on Tuesday and Wednesday, for a quiz level grade.

For 2/8 - 2/9:  

We built bridges once earlier, with popsicle sticks.  This is nice review of what your learned:

Your final projects are due by February 18/19 (whichever day you have class), which  is only one week, so we expect you could use time in class for this.  If not, we shift gears to something else.



Your final deliverables are due before your class begins  Feb 18-19th

Submit any digital projects to the CDAT Dropboxes, in your particular class subfolder, with your names as the file name, at:

S:\LanierHS_528\Student Work\Shared\CDAT DropBoxes

If you have a website or online project, submit some type of Word document or text file with the link, and make sure your project is set to "Public" for viewing purposes.

Physical products like games, etc. should be brought to class on presentation day.

You will be required to present a 1 minute summary of your project to your class.

We will not be grading your project on subject matter in this class, only the use of technology.

Your Scoring Rubric:

A - Wow, Impressive, Implementation

B - Our judgement between A & C

C - Average, missed potential

D - Very little accomplished

F - Nothing

Good luck to you all!!