Jan. 6-11

posted Dec 30, 2015, 12:37 PM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Jan 8, 2016, 5:04 AM ]
Welcome back!  During the next few weeks, we are going to be focused on making a great documentary/promotional/educational movie. A great movie isn't just for entertainment anymore, it's documentation and persuasion, with a demand for style.  Here's an example of one of the greatest Kickstarter products ever.  First look at their still photo, then watch the movie they made (almost all Kickstarter campaigns have a movie):

Or this non-Kickstarter one about pencils that grow plants:

Or the very cool Microsoft Hololens:

January 6 and 7
To start, you're going to work in pairs to use Adobe Premiere Pro to learn how to edit a short video about Bald Eagles.  This should be done in the first 2 days of class, assuming the computers work.
https://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-pro/how-to/create-video-story.html  (videos are downloaded to Shared > CDAT Handouts, please copy to your desktop)

January 8 and 11
Then, once you have seen an example, it's time to do some storyboarding.  We will discuss how to storyboard, WHY to storyboard, and have you work together to create the storyboard for your movie.  YOUR ART SKILLS WILL NOT BE GRADED.  

We will begin with some very simple Storyboard Exercises, so you can understand the basics of what we're expecting from the visual perspective.  
The clarity of a full storyboard will be graded, according to this rubric.  

Cardboard Update I have been asked by many students about our cardboard project: your goal is to have all cardboard acquired by the end of next week, with a plan you will be following. After that, you will make it at home, on your own. If you can bring it in, great! (Most will have to go back home, we can't store all of it here.) Amazing products should be kept here so you can brag to visitors. If you can't bring it in, then we need pictures of you using the furniture!