March 7th-11th

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Project CDEAD KickOff

You will need to create a team site,  and EACH INDIVIDUAL team member needs to fill out the online form.

ALL TEAM MEMBERS will need to have access to the site!

When this has been completed,


   Bridges have.  Spider webs have it.  Houses have it.  A skeleton has it.  The chair you are sitting in has it.  They all have structure.  Structure is how materials work together for strength.  Since technologists first started building and producing new structures to solve many of their day to day problems, there has been a constant effort to make less material do more work.  Technologists take what materials are available, process them and assemble them in such a way that they will perform work efficiently.  Limited supply, excessive weight, limited resources or access to those resources have always been problems to overcome in the building of a structure.  With that in mind you are going to build a structure to solve a specific problem.

        The objective of this project is to construct a car that will transport two “Pink Pearl” bar erasers from the starting line of the ramp to the farthest point possible using only the supplies provided.

You will be given the following items:

1.   Five 3” X 5” Index Cards

2.   Three paper clips

3.  One Drinking Straw

You need to research, sketch and design a rolling vehicle.

Take a look at the Powerpoint attached at the bottom of the page.

You will not get materials for building your vehicle until you have your design on paper or digital media and it is ready to build!!

Let’s get Rolling!!!!

UPDATE- MARCH 10th, 2016

Below are the guidelines for what we are looking for from your project treatments. Treatments are due in your advisement period on Tuesday, March 15th.

You can download a .pdf version of the outline in the attached documents section below.

CDAT Project Treatment Guidelines

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