Week of 10/26

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I am going to be out Monday and Tuesday, presenting at a conference at UGA.  During class that day, one more day of Minecraft, but a new assignment.

In pairs (ONE computer, TWO people), you are to use:

Part A:
  • Redstone, 
  • some type of triggers (pressure plates, levers, buttons, repeaters, etc), 
  • and create some type of application (doors, sticky pistons, etc.). 
Part B:
THEN, use comparitors and some type of command block command to make something more complicated.

You can easily "pass" this assignment by doing the Part A components to make something happen.

You can get a B if you use comparitors correctly in an application.

You can get an A if you use command blocks in some type of application.

**For those that need help with redstone and command blocks, I put a tutorial world in the Shared > Tech Ed > Reilly folder that includes a movie and a demo world of redstone used in the movie.  
I will also put it in a shared Google Drive folder here.

Also, be sure to visit eClass and look for the Classroom Assessment "Engineers Living and Dead".  It is open to unlimited retakes for practice, so do so!!  You will take the real thing on Wednesday/Thursday after we review it.

Speaking of Wednesday/Thursday:
  • We will take the online quiz as a final review.

  • We will review whose projects are ready for the "Carnaval", and who will be attending.
    • Print posters and rules, the online logistics form, and how you will get your project there.

  • We will then split the class, some taking the online quiz, some starting the next class project.

  • Also, during class, I will be checking Minecraft Redstone creations, after the quiz while we're busy with something else, if we have time.
Fourth floor, first steps:
  • Know we need certain things:  two chemistry labs, 2 computer labs plus more computing, engineering space, host about 300 students at once
  • What do you want?  Don't worry about where, just what.

Hey, I'm here on Friday/Monday!

So, what you're going to do:
  • We need to actually design a 4th floor, now that we've shared ideas.
  • Some will start with the quiz, some will start with the floor outline below.  Then swap.
  • Goals: 
    • What space do you care most about?  How much area do you need for your space?  What furniture, equipment, and other things do you need?  This should be VERY detailed.
    • You should produce a Word document describing your space, with lists of equipment, and reasons for things that are not "normal".  You should have a sketch of the layout, with some type of measurements for the space.  If you have a preference for a specific location on the 4th floor, identify where and explain why on your Word document.
    • You can do this as a team, but if you do I want a very specific list of who did what part.  Some will be brainstorming, but I should see clear individual tasks and accomplishments.  If I do not see that, you will split the grade, so a 90 becomes two 45's.  No slackers!  Plan, divide and conquer!  
    • My suggested order:
      • Brainstorm about an area of interest, think cool and realistic
      • One person can be responsible for the first draft, then another person can be responsible for revising, fine tuning, assuming you swap roles.  
  • We want to combine all of this into one floor plan.  I may have one or two folks working on that, if they have demonstrated that type of thinking already.  Their job is to draft something, but then incorporate others' ideas into one floor plan.
Redstone Tutorialz.zip
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