Week of Sept. 21

posted Sep 20, 2015, 4:42 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Sep 24, 2015, 6:05 PM ]
A great job with bridges last week.  The overall strength record was 278, displacement was .92, and overall multiplier was 189!  By popular request, we will do the bridges again in the future.  We should have a "Hall of Fame" board.  Who wants to make it?

This week we need to do some housecleaning, so we will be in the computer lab for this week.

Monday/Tuesday, you will have time to draft ideas for your CDAT Relay Carnival project.  If you are NOT in CDAT, you are STILL making a project that involves geometry or algebra, so I should see that progress.  Your concepts is DUE, on your SITE, by 9/22!   We are expecting something that clearly describes your project, with rules, measurements, even sketches or pictures.

And, while you are in the lab, many of you need to submit your portfolio to me as well.

Monday/Tuesday, also go through the following documents to review for your quiz:
  • Student Popsicle Stick Bridges - this is the handout for your bridge building, and has a list of the basic bridge types.  Know them! 

  • Bridges 2011 - Know the different 4 different types of arch bridges, tension and compression too.

  • You should know the "Design Process", see the Week of Sept. 8 for that.

  • 3D prints - this is the lowest priority: Most people sent files that were named ambiguously, so I need people to resend files.  Remember, be sure to "Save As", choose STL, and in the "Options" button set to High Resolution.  If you made yours in millimeters, choose millimeters  If you made yours in inches, choose inches.  Get it?  The name of the file should be the number of your class period, followed by your last name.  So, if you are in Period 8, and your last name is Smith, the file should be called 8Smith

    Then, email the file to mreilly@lanierhs.org with the subject of "STL File".  See this Week of Aug. 31 for more details (click here)

On Wednesday/Thursday, we will have the quiz on Bridges and the Design Process.  We will also assign Inventors and Engineers to review.  You will also update your portfolio with your bridgework, stage work, and your latest project.

AND, a visit to the theatre to see the final stage!

Engineers:  your job is to make a 30-second summary (and please make it fun/funny).  It needs to include the basics of your engineer:
  • Name
  • Location
  • Era/Time
  • Biggest accomplishments
  • Type of Engineer
  • Any relationship to other famous engineers
  • Some type of interesting trivia about this person that most folks don't know.

Friday, you should take the Bridges and Design Quiz on my eClass page under Classroom Assessments.  The password is designabridge and take turns using the computers.  You should then work with your team on your fun/funny but FACTUALLY CORRECT review of your dead white guy.  Make it good, ask others for their HONEST opinion.  I will be checking them Tuesday, in class, at the start of class.

Michael Reilly,
Sep 23, 2015, 7:23 AM