Week of Aug. 10-14

posted Aug 10, 2015, 6:16 PM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Aug 13, 2015, 5:55 PM ]
First, make sure you've set up your email and sent me the message.  Be sure it's exactly as requested.
Then, be sure to take the learning styles inventory, and work styles inventory, you can use these on your portfolio.
Finally, be sure to do the personal portfolio site, you're going to add to it all year.  

Once we finish all of these electronic items, it's on to our next task:  getting the stage "set" built.

Our theater program needs to build a wall for it's play "Moon Over Buffalo".  It's a play about actors, one particularly crazy one, lots of relationship trouble, and more.

We need to do a LOT to prepare for this, including the following:
  1. Basic materials:  2x4 and plywood, nails, drills, core safety equipment
  2. General "workshop safety" - especially eyes, gloves, shoes
  3. Hammer safety and how to use one
  4. Drill safety and how to drill a screw, use the chuck, change bits
  5. Miter saw safety procedures, usage, and basic differences between types of blades
  6. Bandsaw safety procedures, usage and basic differences between types of blades
  7. Metal lathe safety procedures and usage
  8. Mill safety procedures and usage
  9. Circular saw safety procedures, usage and basic differences between types of blades
What we need to do is build a draft of rules, and need to turn these into posters after we review them as a group.  You and your small group will create a small 8x11 (standard sheet of paper) poster that will hang over the tool that you're evaluating.  Also, you should be ready to tell the group what the general usage (purpose and how to use) of the machine.

If we have time, we will sketch and learn about the following as well.
  1. How to frame a wall
  2. How to hang a "prehung door"
Our last meeting of the week, we will:
  • Review Safety Guidelines, including the GCPS provided powerpoint - click here
  • Collect your signs, with team member names on the back of each
  • Review the construction of the "walls" that the theater made
  • Take the "Safety Quiz", yes, a real grade!  We will take this in eClass.
  • Sketch one of 3 options, and show me your sketch in your notebook