Week of Aug. 17

posted Aug 16, 2015, 6:03 PM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Aug 20, 2015, 5:30 AM ]
Welcome back to Week 2!!

First thing when you return, I would like to check your sketches from the last day together, where you had a choice of 3.  I am looking for the top folks to sketch out our official plans, to see all of the details.  After all, it's a complex stage set, and we need to do a lot.  In fact, here's an overhead view of the stage set we're making:

We need to focus on some more challenging cuts, to plan out walls and carts even more.  Taking a look at the picture above, there is only 1 wall that does not have at least one "weird" corner.  Can you pick it out?  YOU each get to pick a wall section, and see if you can sketch it, WITH the challenging corners.  Here's another link to see one way to address the corners.

Each of my classes will do 2 sections, including the wall AND the cart for the wall.  Door H is the one that will be slammed a LOT, so it swings outside.  The others will swing inside.  Here are the sections you will do:

  • Period 3:  sections A and B
  • Period 4:  sections C and D
  • Period 6:  sections E and F
  • Period 8:  sections G, H and I
  • Period 9:  sections J and K
You will EACH draw one sketch for EACH item on your first class of the week, understanding all measurements.  That is, EVERY student will try to sketch the doors that their class is assigned. This will give us the lumber count we need to build.  The next class of the week (Aug. 19 and 20) we have SPG tests, but I think we can possibly build them if we have sketches!   We will have a quiz on basic sketching (and the math of sketching!!) later in the week.

And here's a cool link on these kinds of walls:  http://www.ia470.com/primer/scenery.htm

I hope to finish up the doors this week, but might have to wait until next for lumber, etc.  If so, we are going to start Autodesk Inventor Pro!  You can get a copy for free at http://www.autodesk.com/education/free-software/all

Part 2 of the week

A bigger project is starting in CDAT, so we have to make sure you can access your lanierhs.org account.  In addition, you need to make a portfolio site and share it with me.

For classes on Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday, we will focus on learning to use Autodesk Inventor.  A few of you might have had this assignment, but we're going to make Legos!  Here's the assignment:

The video tutorials are on Shared > LanierHS > Student Work > Shared > Tech Ed > Reilly > Inventor Videos

I will be checking for your portfolio sites starting tonight, and will be checking Legos on Wednesday/Thursday of next week.  

At the end of next week, you will be quizzed on Inventor terminology and technique, and then we'll build the stage!