Week of Aug. 31

posted Aug 30, 2015, 4:01 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Sep 4, 2015, 5:07 AM ]
Last day of August already, wow.

Some of you have not taken, or not properly submitted, the Safety Quiz on eClass.  Do so this week.

Our theater project is underway, and we have a lot of other things going on.  To start the day on both Monday and Tuesday, we will have about 30 minutes of "online time" to allow you to update team websites, help any Google apps issues, finish up Inventor work and polish your portfolios.

For this class, having your work on your portfolio is where it will be graded, so don't forget about this part.  We will go over what makes a good portfolio page.

In addition, this week we will be reviewing some key terms and techniques in Autodesk Inventor, as you prepare your first 3D printed object!!  I've seen some cool starts and ideas, be sure to look at what others are considering.  Do this as a pair or an individual, let's finish it this week.

To save your 3D printed file, take certain steps in setup (I suggest millimeters), and to make it an STL file, use these steps:
  • From the File menu, select Save As > Save Copy As… > to save a copy 

  • As dialogue box opens In the Save as type field, select STL Files (*.stl)

  • For your file name, put YOUR name, followed by the Period # you have class with me.  If your last name is Goopers, and you have my class Period 8, your file should be named P8Goopers.stl
  • Click Options. The STLOut Save Options dialog box opens. Select High and click OK.  Also, choose "millimeters" or the measurement YOU used when you made the part

  • Click Save. 
When your 3D file is saved as an STL, email it to mreilly@lanierhs.org with the subject "STL File"

Terms you need to know for Autodesk Inventor:
  • ipt
  • iam
  • Sketch
  • Extrude
  • Shell
  • Chamfer
  • Fillet
  • Revolve
  • Project
  • Browser
  • Mouse usage (red wheel tricks!)
  • Plane
There are SO many other things to learn, but this is a list of the basics that you will have a quiz on your second class of the week (Wed/Thurs).  I hope to start printing 3D objects as soon as you are ready!

The videos to learn Inventor are located here:
S:\LanierHS_528\Student Work\Shared\TechEd\Reilly\InventorVideos

If you want to see the videos at home, they are here:

Final assignments for the week:
  1. With one other person, make a part in Inventor that uses Sketch, Extrude, Shell, Fillet, Chamfer and Revolve.
  2. With one other person, call "dibs" on an engineer that you like, and you will explain/summarize for the class in a fun way.
Those who have demonstrated a strong talent and interest for the theater carpentry:  I will be working on those after school Wed and Thurs, join me!