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Week of Oct. 14-17

posted Oct 14, 2014, 4:34 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Oct 15, 2014, 5:07 AM ]
Short week, thanks Mr. Columbus!

We have 3 big items this week:
  • Tuesday:  how to do a "drawing" in Inventor.  It's pretty simple really, and you can watch the movie tutorial over and over.  Your goal for the day is to take a part you made (Lego, whatever), and create a "drawing".    You will need some type of visual for your Academy Project if you are in the STEM Academy.  Ask about options.  The tutorial on drawings is in "Fundamentals" in Inventor (click on the red guitar).  You should also all have a personal portfolio page titled "Inventor" with some screenshots from your Inventor work, along with a paragraph or two describing the task, how you solved it, things you liked, things you didn't like.  

    To be clear, you need an "Inventor" page on your portfolio with some 3d, a drawing and description.  For STEM Academy, you will need some type of graphic for your concept as well on your team site.

  • Wednesday: this could get weird, depending on the count of 10th graders.  However, we're going to talk about, and write, a 30-second speech.  You need to do this well if you want an investor's money!  See the link below for more details on this.

    In addition, we'll be checking your portfolios for an "Inventor" page.  You should have a picture of a part OR assembly, a picture of a drawing (dwg) file, and a description of what we asked you to do in Inventor (make a Lego part, make an assembly, make a drawing), what you liked, what you didn't like, what was hard, and any opinion on the software.

    Finally, check out uspto.gov and do a "Patent/Trademark/Copyright" search to see if your idea might exist, or if there's something close.  I want to see the closest thing to yours, there's got to be something.

  • Thursday:  a "pitch deck" is a typical set of slides you create when asking for someone to invest in your idea or your company.  You will draft your "pitch deck" with your Academy Project idea.  If you are not in the STEM Academy, make something up that's fun, but real.  See the document linked below for more details.

  • Friday: we will finish up the "pitch deck", but also talk about how to present.  NEVER READ POWERPOINT SLIDES OR WEBSITES!!

If you are in the STEM Academy, the documents and some type of visual should be on your team website by the end of the week. For all students, it should be on a personal portfolio page titled "Business".