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Week of Oct. 20-24

posted Oct 19, 2014, 8:19 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Oct 23, 2014, 3:47 AM ]
First off, I will be out a lot this week, sorry.  For Monday and Tuesday, I will be presenting at a conference by STEMGeorgia (here's the link).  Mrs. Kirchner, Dr. Rohrbaugh and I are one of the very first presentations.  The price of CDAT success....

However, there's plenty to do without my presence.  When I return Wednesday, I expect to see graphics.  If you are in the CDAT-STEM Academy, I expect to see very clear graphics about your product that you should have done Monday and Tuesday.  There are 2 types of graphics, I will take either ( a well-planned team will do both, with two people developing ):

  • Graphic A:  if you are creating a physical product, sketches or even Inventor designs WITH measurements, and suggested materials.  The key part is the measurements, not the fanciness of the picture.  You should have at least 3 angles, top, front, side, but more is better.
  • Graphic B:  no matter what, you need something promotional.  Could be a logo, also other pictures to describe a process.  One of my favorite examples is from Google's first April Fool's joke.  No specific product, all about happy customers and process:  https://www.google.com/tisp/install.html
If you are NOT in the CDAT-STEM Academy, I'm still expecting a graphic.  If you are going to be a musician, or an athlete, an artist, whatever, make some drafts of possible logos for you and your "brand".  If you are not the artistic type, I want at least 5 logos that you like, with a summary of what you like about each one, and at least one attempt at sketching a draft yourself.   

Any hand-sketches do NOT have to be on the computer, they can just be paper.  On Wednesday we will check your art, so be ready!  

While I'm checking out graphics and the other items from last week (30-second speech, pitch deck draft, plan for the week), make sure you talk to me about any other grades I may have messed up or missed.

Thursday we will review the pitch deck, and be ready to answer a LOT of questions about YOUR project tomorrow.  Even if you're not in CDAT-STEM, I should see YOUR concepts in much more detail by tomorrow, on your team site or portfolio site Business page.

Friday we might do project work, or we might do something else a bit geeky, we'll see.