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Week of Oct. 27-31

posted Oct 27, 2014, 3:55 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Oct 31, 2014, 4:41 AM ]
Halloween Week, you're too big to "Trick or Treat" in high school, help little kids!

As for class this week:

  • Some of you might have seen "Scratch" before.  It was designed by MIT professors to introduce programming.  In particular, it's "how to think" in programming.  Your goal this week is to build a game in Scratch.  Nothing killer, but make it fun, style it up!
  • Here's the link:  http://scratch.mit.edu/
  • I suggest making a free account to save your work, and it will be easier to give me a link, put it on your portfolio.
  • Here's a link to my Halloween Game (still finishing!)
  • Monday:  Once in Scratch, click the Create button up top (blue button).   Then, look to the right side for "Getting Started" and click the blue "Start Moving".  (**If you don't see "Getting Started", click "Tips" in the top gray bar, then you will see "Getting Started with Scratch" appear on the right side.) Do the 12 exercises listed to use the basics of Scratch.  If you finish, you can get started on "the game".
  • Tuesday - Friday:  plan and make a game in Scratch.  A basic game must have a way to win, a way to lose, a set of instructions on how to play, a title scene.  Add some sound, add your own style!
  • Friday:  put your game onto your portfolio, add a "Scratch" page.  Add a screenshot of the game, a description of what you were asked to do, what you did, what was hard, what was interesting, what was fun.  Also add a link to your playable Scratch game.
**On Monday, I will also be coming around to see your almost completed "pitch deck".  I say "almost completed" in that you were told to ignore a couple of slides, so I will be looking for about 8 good slides.