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Week of Aug. 29

posted Aug 28, 2016, 3:26 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Aug 29, 2016, 2:13 AM ]
This week we should have our "environment" settled, as we discovered quite a few things last week.

First, you do not need to download the Miwok from Github.  It's easier to start a new Empty Activity project and build it from scratch than to solve all of the errors.

Because of the Android update, we might still update machines, but I think we're okay for the most part.

To get rid of Gradle Sync errors, go to File - Settings - Build Deploy Execute - Build Tools, Gradle, and check "Offline".  For that to work, the gradle file has to be showing in the box above it.  Find it in your Android Studio folder.

For those still having junit errors, see last week's solution.

This week, you should have a working app.  Not finalized/finished, but at least 3 levels working, and at least a total of 5 screens.  Team members should be able to design very uniform XML layouts in the online visualizer or in Android Studio, then give them to a "lead programmer" to integrate.    By Wednesday, the basic 5 screens that link to each other.  By Friday, 5 GREAT looking, finished screens.
I expect to see at least one image, but feel you are very capable of having more than one (I've seen some of you do it already!).

How to integrate?  The lead programmer for your team should have the main page.  Using that, they should follow the steps for creating new "Empty Activities".  When they do so, it creates a Java activity file, but also an XML layout.  Usually the XML layout default is a RelativeLayout, but just change that to LinearLayout.  Then someone else on the team can share their XML and the lead programmer can paste the views into the LinearLayout.

If you do have images, you also need to give them to the lead programmer, to put in the drawable folder.

I also expect that the team have a better style guide, listing everything to do with the colors, sizes, fonts, spacing, etc., for your app, and that each page look like it matches the others.  This should be a written Google doc, shared with your team.

You do NOT have to use the colors.xml, styles.xml files yet, we will discuss those next week.

Also, on Tuesday you will have that quiz on the XML and Java basics.  You can find it on eClass under Classroom Assessments.  The password is yummynougat