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Week of August 7

posted Jul 25, 2017, 7:51 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Aug 6, 2017, 12:14 PM ]

I'm going to try to use eClass this year, so go there!

The week could get weird, but here's the initial plan:

Monday - We will review Work Styles, for both positive and negative, and then play together to see if they might be accurate. See the Work Style inventory below. Try to pick the one that MOST accurately describes YOU. None will be perfect, but one should be closest. Here is the document:
If time allows, we will have you create an account at and sign up for the first course in a series of courses, Android Basics: User Interface

Before we get into the course materials, we're going to do a team activity developed by Toyota.  Let's see how your work styles evaluation fits in with this!  Then, on to app dev!

Go to the Udacity site and login for this course: 
Your goal today: complete Lesson 1, maybe go further. We can watch the videos together or you can watch them alone, but you should be comfortable with XML basics today. The overview of this lesson is about designing a "user interface", or what the user sees in an app. Proper design is essential to a good app. If people don't know how to use it, they won't. Most of you are going to be learning the basic of a language called XML, but the lessons cover what you need, don't stress!
We will review terminology that you should know, that will be on a future quiz. We will build basic user interfaces online right away!

Thursday - Go to the Udacity site for this course:
Your goal today: complete Lesson 2, maybe go further. You should be comfortable with additional XML used to organize the app layout today. We will combine views into a layout, and you will design a very simple birthday card app. We will review terminology that you should know, that will be on a future quiz, pretty soon....  Finally, we will have you take apart the layouts of some apps that are highly regarded for their design and UX.

We are all learning how YOU learn, your style.  Let's try and refine this, because if you know HOW you learn, then learning becomes so much easier and enjoyable.

This reviews the following AKS:  TEG5.D.4: design, develop, and implement accessible and usable interfaces, and analyze applications for engaging the user

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